A reminder

I love watching the sunset, going for walks exploring the woods come rain or sunshine. I have been blessed to live in a place surrounded by nature places and in those walks I meet and discover the beauty of God all over again.

I found myself in a messy situation that I didn’t create. All sort of questions were running through my mind. In those nights, I cried myself to sleep praying, worshipping and asking God to come through for me. Sometimes I believe He listens to me other times I feel like my prayers reaches the ceiling and bounds back down.

I decided to go for a walk to listen to nature talk to me and remind myself that God has got this; after my walk I didn’t feel like I had God with me. I sent a few messages to my friends to join me in prayers concerning this situation. One particular reply reminded me of the faithfulness of God.

A friend sent me the message asking me to find the moon and watch it; to which I did. She then said, if you can see and watch the moon, the very same moon she was looking at then God who made the beauty in front of me will surely come to my aid.

I sat there with tears rolling down my face and thinking of that message. I having been having sleepless and tearful nights concerning this circumstance meanwhile God has been trying to send me a message that He that makes the stars and calls everyone of them about three billion knows my struggles and He hears my prayers.

Miracles happen every single day! He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all I can ask or imagine and He is coming through for me.

I just wanted to tell you that He is on your side. Go on and find the sun or the moon or the stars wherever you are in the world; if you find it, it is the same one I have got in my backyard and it is there to remind you that the God who made them has got your back!


Oreoluwa Esther


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